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vildskud festival - hybrid (by Th3univerze)

New track from Hybrid RnB <3

First single from HYBRID RnB - smooth & creamy whale RnB

Hybrid RnB - Funky iui

Lovin’ you oohuoem - By Hybrid - Sweet & Creamy humpback whale rnb music.
Featuring Kongen af haraldsgade

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Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a mammal belonging to the suborder baleen whales. It is a great whale. An adult individual is usually from 12-16 feet long and weighs about 36 tons.
"Sound is the energy form that is transmitted most efficiently in water. Audio signals are therefore a very important source of gaining knowledge about the environment, both for the majority of animals in the ocean and marine scientists. Animals use underwater sounds for communication and orientation. In humpback whale case will sound be used to find partners.
During migration and breeding areas males sing long, complex songs, familiar to most and probably the most complex vocalizations in the animal kingdom. As it is known from birds, different groups of the same species are often separated in their singing, but what is significant for humpback whales is that the song changes all the time. Under this change the song often exchanged parts of the song with parts of neighboring stocks song. Humpback Whale Song is still a mystery - a language not yet decoded. Nevertheless, there are many theories for what the humpback whale trying to communicate and what effect the sound of the humpback whale’s song can have on the human psyche. The song is being used as an alternative treatment in holistic therapy. Research say that it should have a soothing, sometimes healing, effect on humans.

Hybrid concert byens lys HD (by Th3univerze)